We are an angel investment network connecting impact-driven individual investors with gifted entrepreneurs.
Our vision is to enable promising start-up enterprises that operate in high growth markets in Asia and Africa to realise their potential by providing seed capital and strategic advice.


The emerging world is undergoing a seismic and exciting transformation. A new generation of tech-savvy entrepreneurs in cities such as Cairo, Dubai, Lahore, and Jakarta, are creating ventures that seek to not only generate strong financial returns, but also solve pressing societal problems.


Establishing a business, especially in emerging markets, requires exceptional courage, discipline, and persistence. Entrepreneurs in theemerging world, in particular, face a plethora of social and economic challenges – and have limited support systems to call upon for advice and assistance.


By far the biggest challenge is fundraising. Many start-ups are faced with the “chicken and egg” situation, whereby entrepreneurs require proof points to raise capital but require capital to achieve proof points. The Falcon Network was founded by a group of committed and visionary investors to tackle this growing problem.

How the Network Works

Our angels (or members) commit to investing a minimum of USD 50,000 within two years of joining the Falcon Network. We currently have 50 angel investors.


As well as partnering with reputable incubators within our target markets, the Falcon Network will also be open to proposals from start-ups that operate in our core geographies across Asia and Africa. The Network’s operating committee will vet and screen all start-ups to ensure the highest quality and the most innovative and impactful proposals are presented to our members.

Angel Investment Process:

  • Join the Network
  • Be presented with vetted investment proposals
  • Attend a pitch day to meet the most attractive opportunities (virtual or in person)
  • Make the final selection
  • Invest

Start-up Selection Process:

  • Initial application period opens (sign up to our mailing list or follow our LinkedIn page for announcements)
  • Screening by operating committee members to assess eligibility
  • All Start ups are submitted for voting by all the angels -
  • Top voted start-up (approximately 10-12) are invited to submit more documentation for detailed due diligence
  • Selected startups present on pitch day
  • Angels discuss their individual commitments and club where relevant
  • Deploy funding

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Address: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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